This is an Oregon Virtual Operations Support Team.

This team is being developed as an official resource for the Oregon Office of Emergency Management.

The team, once built and trained, will make itself available to support Oregon incidents, emergencies and disasters as a resource that can be requested by Oregon counties.

We started recruiting members early in 2015 and started training on  May 5th, 2015.

Please consider joining us. We need members from all parts of Oregon in order to build a strong, resilient team. And we will also benefit from having some non-Oregon members as well. Please contact us if interested, even if you’re out of state.


If you prefer, you can also reach out to us on twitter at: @OregonOEM or @OregonVOST, or on facebook.

Oregon VOST is recruiting! If interested in joining the Oregon VOST Team, please fill out this form.

For a list of active VOSTs: http://vosg.us/active-vosts/

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